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Build a BellaMoon® - as you grow from pregnancy to a new world of baby!


We are thrilled to unveil an exciting addition to our store -  BellaMoon® - a multi award winning Full Moon 7-in-1 Pregnancy and Nursing System which has literally ‘Wowed Moms’ throughout the UK and Ireland since it launched.

Thoughtfully designed, BellaMoon sets a new standard for high-end functional design in the baby industry.  This unique product provides support from the very first trimester of your pregnancy, throughout your breastfeeding journey, and until baby is 18 months of age.

Combining utility and beauty, the award winning multi-purpose Full Moon® provides 7 essential functions, making it one of the most versatile baby products ever created! 

 Bella Moon 7-in-1 pregnancy and nursing system

BellaMoon® brings Mothers on an idyllic journey.  Starting in pregnancy, the 'Mother's Pillow' provides relief to pressure points in the neck, back and hips, while supporting your growing bump. When baby is born, it transforms into an ultra-comfortable, protective cocoon for the most relaxing lateral breastfeeding experience. Featuring a unique Anti-Roll Fin and Anti-Roll Barrier it keeps baby protected and provides parents with invaluable peace of mind.

Build a Bella Moon

Making it a truly amazing investment, the Full Moon can be re-configured using the clever zipper system to create a feeding pillow for upright breast or bottle feeding, a tummy time pillow for strengthening and a baby lounger for chill out time. It even has a built-in nursing cover that you can unzip and take with you when you need.  

Bella Moon

The products functionality has certainly not compromised on the look and style of this iconic design and the striking new collection made up of ‘Moonstone’, ‘Fairy Tree’ and ‘Feather Nest’ stories have added the ‘wow’ factor.

The whimsical Fairy Tree print came to life from memories of BellaMoon®’s Founder, Irene’s family farm, which had a mysterious fairy thorn tree in the field.  The mythical Moonstone print is inspired by ancients in Ireland, who passed wisdom from one generation to another through close words and markings preserved in stone. 

Finally, the delicate Feather Nest design is inspired by guardian angels and helps new mothers immerse themselves in a feather-light moment.

The stunning new prints can also be found on other products from the award-winning range including the cotton swaddle blankets, nursing covers, the New Moon 4-in-1 Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow and the Half Moon Nursing Nest.

Commenting on the new partnership between BellaMoon with WowMom Singapore, Irene Breen, creator of BellaMoon® said:

“I am thrilled to introduce BellaMoon to the Singapore market.  As our first international partner, this is an exciting step forward for us.  My vision was to create a product which can be used by parents throughout the world which encourage and enable mums to have the most restful pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, allowing them to concentrate on enjoying every precious little moment of motherhood.’’

In bringing BellaMoon® to moms in Singapore, we truly hope that BellaMoon® will give both mother and baby a comfortable and peaceful space to lie down and bond with their baby - making feeding the most wonderfully serene experience.

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