Ways To Entertain Your Child During Singapore's Circuit Breaker

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Ways To Entertain Your Child During Singapore's Circuit Breaker

As we reach the middle of our Circuit Breaker, how are you holding up? These are, without a doubt, challenging times - social distancing is hard for both you and your child! You miss adult interaction and your child misses his playdates. Me time, what's that? 

When cabin fever hits, we have put together some ideas to help your child stay entertained and active indoors. We understand that there is a lot of stress coming from home based learning programs and the need to keep your child up to date with school work. But learning through play is also a great way for your child to develop his or her mind. So take a deep breathe and tell yourself, you will survive these times! 


Una The Unicorn's Activity Book

Skye the Astronaut's Activity Book

Lola the Llama's Activity Book

Pedro the Pirate's Activity Book


Jacinth, from Our Little Playnest, has put together an amazing Covid 19 School Closure Essential Guide, complete with a 4 week activity planner. There's definitely something for every child in this Guide. 


  • Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt: Hide alphabet beanbags or cut outs around your house and have your child search for them and try to form words with the letters they find.
  • Build a fort with cardboard boxes, bed linen, cushions. 
  • Build an obstacle course around your house. Get your child involved. They will enjoy planning their own course. 
  • Play dress up. 
  • Read a book: For older ones, encourage them to pick up a book and read. Read with them too to set an example. 
  • Print out some of their favourite characters to paint or color or simply create an abstract piece of art. 
  • Play Hide and Seek. Always a winner with kids of all ages. 
  • Play I Spy.
  • Yoga. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great way to bond with your child. Engage in some easy back stretches and breathing exercises will also help you relax. 
  • Bake cookies or cupcakes. 
  • Housework. You'll be amazed at how the little ones are actually very eager to help. Find some age appropriate everyday household tasks and in doing so, you will also instil a sense of responsibility in your child from an early age. For toddlers, they can help to keep their toys. For preschoolers, they can help with simple meal preps or making their bed. 
  • Treasure Hunt. 

Tensions may run high and your patience stretched thin but take comfort in that you are not alone. Treasure these moments with your children and turn this into a family bonding experience! 


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