Practice Self Care in 20 Mins

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Practice Self Care in 20 Mins


You can’t pour from an empty cup - put self care at the top of your to-do list.

Motherhood is rewarding, but equally challenging and busy. Ask any mom and she will tell you that 24 hours in a day are just not enough to manage everything from the baby to work, household chores and errands. Self care and me-time is usually considered a luxury, and is often ignored by moms. The lack of me-time may eventually affect your health and emotional well-being. It is easy to get so caught up with your new role as a mom that you forget about your "old" life.

Self-care does not have to be time-consuming or extravagant.  Sometimes you just need 20 minutes every day to get away and take that much deserved break which will make your entire day better. Don't roll your eyes! It will take a little getting used to and you have to make the effort to try but it's worth it.

Personally, I've set aside 20 mins every morning for a short workout in between drop offs (7am for the P1 kid and 9am for the N2 kid). I used to make excuses - "I don't have time to make it to the studio... the class timings doesn't suit my schedule". But now with Alo Moves, working out from home has never been easier. Sure, there are mornings when I feel like crawling back to bed. On those mornings, I'll pick a relaxing stretch workout instead! 

We have put together some self care exercises and activities that you can do everyday with ease. Pick one and try! The results might surprise you. 

Release the tension by staying still

While yoga and meditation are definitely recommended, a simple exercise of letting your body relax in a quiet setting can also do wonders. While the baby naps or when you are away for a bit, sit in a quiet place and practice a 20 minute stillness routine. Dim the lights, keep your head clear, and release the tension in your shoulders, jaws and between your eyebrows. Don’t read anything or use the phone (I know, this can be hard). Just focus on relaxing every muscle of your body. If your mind starts to wander, refocus your attention. 

Do some effortless pampering

Give yourself a foot massage. Run a warm bath. Light a scented candle or listen to 5 back to back songs from your favourite playlist. Or put on a face mask to hydrate your dry skin! No act is small when it comes to self care - find your own little exercise or activity that you can do in your room or in the balcony and let it relax your mind and body. You’ll love the results!

Create a relaxing space for yourself

Within your house, set up a small corner that you can just go to for rewinding and relaxing, and make it a no-go-zone for everything else (although this might be challenging when you have a inquisitive toddler). Remember - your work woes and electronic devices will not be welcome here. Decorate it the way you like - you can curl up with a book (Shadow & Bone is my current guilty pleasure), come here to sip your morning coffee, indulge in a routine of skincare, do a crossword puzzle or read through a new recipe. Anything that makes you feel relaxed and happy should be done in this corner so it becomes your tiny vacation spot in the house!

Take a power nap

With the baby keeping you up at all sorts of odd hours, a long, uninterrupted sleep is often a luxury. A 20-minute nap a day can do wonders in boosting your productivity and making you more active and happy during the day. Mental and physical exhaustion can make you irritated, frustrated and stressed, even subconsciously which you don’t realise. Prioritise your sleep because it is essential for the well being of your entire family!


Spend 20 mins clearing clutter. It doesn't have to be anything ambitious like a whole room. Pick targeted spots daily. Get rid of that stack of mail or the pile of toys. 

What about you? What’s your go-to self care tip that you would like to share with new moms? Do comment below and share them with us, it’s a long journey and we all can learn something new everyday. 

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