Splish Splash, tips to make bathtime fun for kids!

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Splish Splash, tips to make bathtime fun for kids!

Getting your child to take a bath can be quite a chore, especially when they’re shrieking that they don’t want to do so. When the whining and crying can get overwhelming, there are ways to getting around it to make it a fun activity for both you and your child. From toys to activities, making bath time more than a boring daily routine is more possible than you think. 

First, let’s get the basics straight.

To get your child to like bath time, it’s important to get prepped so that your child can be comfortable about the activity. For starters, you’ll have to set the temperature of your water to lukewarm - testing it with the inside of your wrist or elbow. Have them seated comfortably in the Shnuggle Toddler Bath for their own bath space in the bathroom. Get them to participate in the washing, and help them out when needed! 

Use natural soap like Made4Baby’s Foaming Face and Body Wash so that getting clean is easy and you’ll not worry about them putting too much on their body. Set a routine for bathtime to happen at a certain time of their day so they’ll know that it’s part of the schedule. 

Now, to add on to the fun of bath time! 

Once you’ve got the usual routine of bath time down, it’s time to add some fun and merry moments to bath time! The easiest way to do it is to let them bring some of their waterproof toys along with them as their bath buddies, like this Skip Hop Dog Wave Rider or Zoo Bath Basketball.  You can even compete with them with little games to engage in some friendly competition. If you have some food coloring, add some water to an ice tray to create colored ice cubes - but prepare for a little mess! On top of having toys, you can also turn on some fun music to help lift the mood while you’re bathing.

Hooray, you’ve conquered bathtime! 

After the bath session, your child can still take part with the remaining steps like dressing up and putting on body lotion. Teach them how to apply their lotion like this Made4Baby Baby Lotion that has rosehip and avocado. If they’re old enough, get them to pick out the pyjamas they’ll like for the night like the Sea Apple Star Gazing Navy Pyjamas set. 

Mix it up from time to time to help keep things fresh for your child as they grow through bath time - from the toys they play with or even music choices. With time, bathtime will be made easier and worry-free! 

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