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Wowmom Un-covered: The Chill Mom, Michelle Hon


This week, as part of our WowMom Un-covered series, we speak with founder of The Chill Mom and MomBoss Academy, Michelle Hon. Michelle has been a constant inspiration. Following the success of her blog, The Chill Mom, she published her first book "The Chill Mom: How To Go From Anxious Expectant Mother to Relaxed, Confident Mum" after the birth of her third child in 2018. More recently, Michelle founded MomBoss Academy and launched MomBoss Academy's first online program, #MomBossGoal Mentorship Program in 2020. 

1. What was your inspiration behind MomBoss Academy?

My mom and my daughters are my inspiration. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and without financial independence and perhaps a mentor, she was trapped in a less-than-ideal marriage. She was smart and hardworking, yet we struggled financially. She passed away when she was only 34 years old, without realising her dreams.

I want to help more moms become successful at building businesses from home and have the best of both worlds - motherhood and career. Because I want us, the women of our generation to be the role models for our daughters. So that when it’s their time to become moms, they no longer have to choose between their career and their babies. There’s a third option. We will show them that it’s possible.

2. What is your #1 tip for moms interested in starting their own business?

Don’t jump straight in without a marketing plan. Know who your customers are and have a detailed plan on how you can reach them.

3. Moms often struggle to balance their passions for their careers and responsibilities as a parent. How do you manage the combination of “mom guilt” and “mom entreprenurship”?

For me, having an at-home business is the solution. I have the flexibility to choose how I want to spend my time. Right now I’m answering this interview, while I’m seated right next to my kids, helping them with their homework.

4. What do you enjoy most about being a mom?

As much as I complain when my kids wake me up in the morning, I actually love waking up to a house full of their laughter, giggles and chatters. I love spending time just being silly with them.

5. Words to live by - share your favourite quote.

Mind over matter. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right too.

6. What is your favourite product on WOWMOM?

I loved my Ergobaby carrier. My kids are way too big for me to carry in a carrier now, so I really miss those days when I used to hold each of them tightly, chest-to-chest in an Ergobaby carrier everywhere I went!


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