Cheeky Chompers

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best. Cheeky Chompers was started by two moms, Amy and Julie while they were on maternity leave and their babies were teething -- "We were constantly picking up and sterilising dropped teethers and thought ‘Why doesn’t someone invent a teether that stays attached to the baby’?"

Amy and Julie designed their bibs to be the best they could be to make lives easier; super absorbent, soft, reversible and stylish designs. They sourced the best fabrics and materials, tested everything for safety and quality and they launched the World’s first chewy dribble bib, the Neckerchew, in 2013. And they haven’t looked back with an ever expanding innovative product range!

Cheeky Chompers focuses on being helpful, practical, multi-use, attachable, easy to wash or clean and most importantly stringently tested to worldwide standard.