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Skip Hop Farmstand Rock-A-Mole Guitar
A little bit country and totally guac & roll! This adorable avocado guitar inspires mini musicians with strumming riffs, fun tunes and more! Easy for little hands to hold—just spin the avocado’s “pit” or press the light-up buttons and guac...
$39.90 SGD $35.91 SGD
Skip Hop E&M Xylophone
$39.90 SGD $35.91 SGD
Skip Hop E&M Xylophone
This adorable fox inspires early musical creativity with eight colorful keys. Our toy xylophone allows musical abilities to grow as babies tap each note and play their first tune. The mallet is attached so they can take their tunes wherever...
$39.90 SGD $35.91 SGD
Skip Hop Zoo La La Llama Microphone
Little ones will love to sing and dance like a rock star with this “llamazing” microphone! Not only does it amplify the voice just like a real microphone, but kids can sing along to three classic songs—Old MacDonald, Row, Row,...
$27.90 SGD $25.11 SGD
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Skip Hop Tropical Paradise Toucan Maraca
Shake it baby! A tropical take on baby’s favorite rattle, this colorful toucan maraca encourages mini musicians as they rock to the beat! Plus, it’s a fun way to help develop your little one’s gross and sensory motor skills.Features: Ages...
$19.90 SGD $17.91 SGD
Skip Hop Vibrant Village Light Up Dog Piano
Colorful lights and music add a bright note to playtime! This cute pup inspires early musical creativity with cheerful tunes, notes and barks. Textured, light-up keys and an iridescent fabric ear encourage tactile and visual exploration. An angled base makes...
$39.90 SGD $35.91 SGD
Skip Hop E&M Musical Instrument Set
Everything mini musicians need to start a band! Just the right size for little hands, this instrument set features a Bee hand drum, Fox tambourine and Bee clacker for ultimate self-expression. Get ready to rock!Features: Age 6m+ Bee hand drum...
$39.90 SGD $35.91 SGD
Skip Hop Farmstand Drop the Beet Crawl Ball
Get baby moving and grooving to the “beet” with our adorable crawl ball. Just switch it on and keep the ball rolling for fun motion-activated beatbox riffs and rattle sounds to encourage crawling adventures. Features: Age 6m+ Encourages crawling and...
$19.90 SGD $17.91 SGD
Skip Hop E&M Egg Shaker Trio Set
Each of these easy-to-hold egg shakers makes its own unique sound. Little ones will love to shake up playtime with these three cheerful characters! For other discoveries, be sure to check out our complete line of Explore & More baby...
$24.90 SGD $22.41 SGD
Musical Forest Trio
This animal-inspired wood instrument set is perfect for young toddlers! The three-piece set includes a bear rattle, llama with clacking blankets and noise-making hedgehog with guiro on back. Each animal instrument features colorful screen-printed art on both sides. The Rattle...
$54.90 SGD
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