Beaba Pixie Torch 2 In 1 Movable Night Light with USB Charge - Mineral

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The Beaba PIXIE TORCH night light helps children fall asleep and provide them with peaceful nights.

It is an adaptable night which accompanies children from birth until they are 12 years old. Its soft light function helps babies to fall asleep.Then, from the age of 3, the child can use the night light torch function to light his way at night should he get up in the dark, or he can play with the torch.

In addition to being multi-use, the PIXIE TORCHnight light has a practical and ergonomic design which allows it to hang everywhere (door handle, cot bar, etc.) and lets the child hold it firmly and easily when in the torch mode.

Your child can carry it with him around his bedroom. Whats more? Its large, visible button makes it very easy for the child to use the light all by himself. A very lovable night light which will follow your child everywhere!


  • 2-in-1 movable night light. Night light mode or torch for stationary or mobile use.
  • 2 light intensities: the dimmer one to lull little ones scared of the dark to sleep and the brighter one to shine a bright path to the bathroom at night.
  • Adjust light intensity with the press of a single button
  • Intelligent design: Transportable and easily hung.
  • Ergonomic design adapted to a childs hand.
  • Rounded and soft shapes, safe for baby without risk of injury
  • LED lighting provides high energy efficiency, with 24 hours of autonomy.
  • Rechargeable with USB charger on charging cradle