Benbat Dazzle Friends Multi-Skills Travel Toy

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A full range of developmental toys with a unique look & feel, all including Benbat's dazzle effect.

Though these toys are very compact, they provide a wealth of stimuli that will boost your baby skills while amusing and developing your baby.

Dazzle Friends range has been designed to be real baby skills boosters. The toys offer age appropriate challenges with the right stimuli for baby, encouraging babies to explore and develop their emotional, cognitive and physical skills.


  • Gross motor skill - The whole toy acts as a significant stimulus, influencing the baby to reach out and touch it. At the same time it contributes to the eye-hand coordination, meaning the baby processes the visual information, allowing him to reach and grasp the toy. The specially-designed round shape give babies plenty to grab on to, strengthening grip and motor skills.
  • Fine motor skill The small rings and the stretchable legs encourage the baby to grip them firmly by finger and thumb.
  • Tactile skill - A variety of fabrics and materials offering a special feel, stimulating the touch sense.
  • Vision Skill Apart from the wide range of vivid colors and patterns offering visual stimulus, our special feature is the dazzle effect produced by a processed materiel all