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Cocoonababy Nest is an ergonomic cocoon designed for use in the cot during baby's first months as it reassures babies and help them adapt smoothly to life after birth!

While respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the elongated semi-fetal position in the Cocoonababy® Nest allows babies to feel safe and content.

Cocoonababy Benefits

Cocoonababy features

Sleeping babies in this position present many advantages, including:

  • Improving the quality and length of time of your baby's sleep and contentment
  • Minimizing the risk of flat head syndrome
  • Limit gastric reflux
  • Reducing involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start and make them cry

The Cocoonababy® Nest includes:

  • An adjustable wedge which can be moved down the nest as your baby grows
  • Fleur de Coton® machine washable fitted sheet
  • Waterproof sheet (machine washable)
  • Conforms to bedding safety regulations

Safety First: Cocoonababy is suitable for babies from 2.8kgs and until the child starts trying to roll over or change position in the nest (3-4 months old). For use in a cot (making sure the base is in the lowest position and that the depth above the cot mattress is superior to 50cm or on the ground, on carpet, or in a playpen. Do not use this product in a Moses basket, a rocking cradle, or in a stroller Carrycot

Made in France

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Question: I heard that sleep positioners can be dangerous as babies can suffocate against them if they roll from their back to their stomach. Is this a risk with the Cocoonababy?

A: The Cocoonababy is not a sleep positioner but an ergonomic mattress. It does not introduce any suffocation risk. The Cocoonababy should only be used from birth until the age of 3 months, or when your baby starts rolling. Before then, babies are physically incapable of turning in the nest in such a way that the sides of the nest could impede their breathing. In addition, the tummy band ensures that babies stay in the correct position in the nest at all times.

Question: What happens when my baby grows out of the Cocoonababy? Is it difficult to transition to a flat mattress?

A: In general, it isn't hard for babies to transition from the Cocoonababy to a flat mattress. A baby needs about 3-4 months to adapt from the nautical space (mother's womb) to the aerial space. When babies start rolling (about 4 months of age) it is a sign that they are old enough to "settle by themselves" and won't have any difficulties in getting to sleep without the help of the Cocoonababy. What you can do to facilitate the transition is take the wedge off when your baby is about 4 months, starts rolling and is effectively growing out of the Cocoonababy. Continue to use the Cocoonababy for nap time (under supervision). At night, start sleeping your baby flat on a mattress. After a few days, you should be able to sleep your baby flat on a mattress for both naptime and night.

Question: Can I reuse the Cocoonababy for my second child?

A: Yes, as long as your Cocoonababy is in good condition and you have followed all the care instructions, you can use it for your second child. The foam cocoon should not be washed as any contact with water or humidity will damage the foam. The waterproof cover of the Cocoonababy and the fitted sheet are both machine washable and must be dried completely before use or storage.

Question: What is the Cocoonababy made of? Is there any harmful or toxic component?

A: The Cocoonababy foam is made of PU (polyurethane) foam. The foam is certified CertiPUR which ensures that the product is manufactured in compliance with the highest Safety, Health and Environment standards. It contains no heavy metals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has not been treated with any fireproof retardants. The protective cover is in Tencel fabric and is labeled Oeko-tex Standard 100. The fabric of the fitted sheet and Cocoonacover is in Fleur de coton, cotton fabric, also certified Oeko-tex Standard 100. These materials do not contain any heavy metals. Certipur Oeko-tex Standard 100 The packaging of the Cocoonababy has also been tested and contains no phthalates or heavy metals.


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