Grip - Baby Bottle Gripper

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Grip® is a soft and flexible gripper, designed to help babies grasp their own bottle and encouraging them to develop the skills necessary for independent feeding. Helps to ease the transition from breast to bottle feeding.


  • 4+ Months
  • Universal Compatibility with bottles
  • 100% Recycleable TPE
  • Food Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Protective Design
  • Designed in Ireland

Grip® was designed to help babies develop fine motor skills & gross motor skills.
In doing this Grip® helps to develop the sensory system and promotes independent feeding.

Developing that Pincer Grip: Grip® is made up of lots of circles. This is no accident. The circular shape encourages your baby to use a pincer grip to grasp. In fact, the circular structure of Grip’s mesh makes it difficult for babies NOT to develop that all important pincer grip.

Grip® is soft and flexible allowing compatibility with many different baby bottles. The unique shape hugs the neck of the bottle and gently supports it from the bottom up, keeping it firmly in place while enabling your baby to feed more independently and fuss free. Grip® can be stretched over a bottle from either the top or the bottom, depending on what works best for your brand.

Using glass bottles? Grip® also offers added protection from accidental drops.

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Q: What is Grip ®? 

A: Grip® is a kneedable, squashable, packable, washable, tactile and colourful jacket for your baby’s bottle. If your baby is transitioning from breast to bottle it can help ease that transition. If you baby is learning to feed themself, it can assist with that process.

But Grip®does more.

Grip®helps your baby to develop really important fine motor skills like the pincer grip, which they will use to hold a pencil, do up their own button and pick up an errant pea from the dinner table.

Q: How does the Grip® ease the breast to bottle transition?

A: We designed Grip® to be soft and a bit squishy. While babies feed with Grip® they can knead at its soft mesh, simulating actions that they would have made when breastfeeding. This helps to ease the transition from breast to bottle feeding.

This is particularly important for modern, techy children. Teachers are already finding that children starting school have more difficulty holding a pencil and learning to write than kids did in the past. It has been suggested that swipe technology plays a big role in this. When your baby swipes to play it might be cute, but it could be having an impact on the development of skills that they need to live up to their potential.

Grip® ensures that your baby doesn’t miss out on the development of this important skill.

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