HaruPlate Happy Flappy Blueberry Pear Jam

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An antioxidant boost to give your little ones wings, Happy Flappy Blueberry & Pear Jam pairs the ripest European blueberries with premium Asian pears. The perfect breakfast and snack time partner, with nothing but whole fruits inside!

Whole Asian Pears, European Blueberries, Fresh Lemon Juice, Dash** of Organic Raw Honey, Fresh Spices
*No juice concentrate, no added sugar and no artificial preservatives.
**Less than 1 tsp of Organic Raw Honey in every 100g jar.


  • Boost Anything: Spoon it out over pancakes, or spread on toast, Happy Flappy is the perfect all-natural treat to start the day with! 
  • On Its Own: We confess that on many occasions, we have eaten it straight from the jar. We're not proud, but it does happen.  

12 months shelf life. Unopened, store in the fridge, cabinet or a cool dry place. Once opened, store in fridge and enjoy within 14 days or immediately freeze into smaller servings.  

Made in Singapore in an ISO- and Halal-certified facility.