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Lil' Giants Active Mineral Suncream SPF50

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Pure mineral suncream in SPF50, ultra-mild formulation. UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum Protection.

Suitable for sensitive skin. Safe and fun for the whole family. Reef friendly. Does not sting eyes. 

Non-greasy, non-sticky. Absorbs quick and stays on matt. Water - resistant up to 80mins.

Hero Ingredients: Non-nano Titanium Dioxide & Non-nano Zinc Oxide helps naturally deflect and scatter harmful UV rays from skin.

Soothing Ingredients:

  • Lavender Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Japanese Camellia Seed Oil
  • Lemon Leaf Balm Extract

Made with love using safe and mild ingredients in alignment with Environmental Working Group (EWG). 

Does not contain the following harmful ingredients:

Octocrylene Octinoxate Oxybenzone
Homosalate Benzophenone-1 Benzophenone-3


How Much To Apply: Because it is a pure physical suncream that uses no other forms of UV filter, please note there may be slight white cast when using Lil' Giants Mineral Suncream. The white cast is in fact, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide that serves its function as a UV ray blocker / reflector on skin surface. 


Pea-sized amount is sufficient for toddler's face. Pea-sized amount is also enough for toddler's one arm. For each leg, an amount equivalent to 1 teaspoon is more than sufficient. 


How To Remove: For kids, first use baby wipes to wipe off/remove from skin surface. Follow on to wash/shower with existing body wash.

For adults/women, please use gentle facial wash/ facial cleanser. Because it is water-resistant, simply rinsing with water will not remove our suncream. 


Capacity: 120ML