Noopii® Eco-Luxe Toddler Nappies - Size 4 (9-14 kg)

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Noopii® is a premium high quality eco disposable diaper and pant range from New Zealand. Made from more than 70% sustainable and renewable plant based materials, making them kinder to the environment without compromising on quality, design and comfort. Our products are packaged in paper not plastic, making them a game-changing world first in the nappy category.

Strong environmental drivers are at the heart of the Noopii® premium brand. Noopii® is the better choice for baby's health and for the environment.

Noopii® Toddler unisex nappies are for little ones in the 9-14 kg weight range.

Each Toddler pack contains 18 unisex nappies made with a cotton blend outer, printed with food-safe inks and contain Manuka Hydrosol. Each nappy and pant is sized for its corresponding age group and are differentiated by their backsheet pattern. Each of the nappies, nappy pants and packs have been designed with a native New Zealand critter or creature combined with a beautiful native flora. Our Toddler nappies and outer packaging are printed with a unique illustrated pattern and feature our endemic Archey’s frog hiding amongst native Mingimingi foliage.


  • Size 4: 9-14 kg
  • Pack of 18 pieces
  • All Noopii® nappies are Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic
  • Contains Manuka Hydrosol for added anti-bacterial benefit and to prevent nappy rash.
  • Free from Latex, chlorine, fragrance, dioxins and chemicals
  • Breathable and lightweight with a cotton mix back sheet for superior softness
  • Performance driven, with up to 12 hours of leak protection
  • Super stretch waistbands and leg cuffs for added comfort and flexibility


New Zealand Noopii Diaper features

Miraculous Manuka

Manuka Hydrosol is  derived from Manuka - a native plant that has natural antibacterial properties. Our Manuka is grown and sourced within New Zealand. Manuka has many medicinal properties. It is most valued for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits produced from plant distillation.

These natural benefits make Manuka perfect for Noopii® nappies and pants, as Manuka also has natural anti-bacterial properties. We’ve harnessed this natural property and created nappies and pants that contain Manuka Hydrosol (Manuka Leaf Water), a natural end-product from the steam distillation of Manuka Essential Oil.

Manuka Hydrosol contains a complex combination of over 100 natural organic compounds, produced via the distillation process. The final product is naturally antibacterial and anti-microbial. This addition of Manuka Hydrosol means we’ve created nappies that are naturally antibacterial; inhibiting the growth of bacteria, preventing nappy rash.

Please note that Manuka Hydrosol is not Manuka Honey.

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Q: Where are Noopii ® diapers made?

Noopii® is a wholly-owned New Zealand FernMark accredited company, our manufacturer is based in Auckland and our nappies are initially being assembled in PRC (The people’s republic of China) until such time as our nappy manufacturing factory can be built right here in New Zealand. We will keep you posted on developments. 

 All Noopii® products are designed in New Zealand and they also contain New Zealand Manuka Hydrosol to ensure our products are safe and naturally antibacterial.

Q: Do Noopii diapers contain SAP?

Yes, Noopii® nappies contain SAP. All nappies contain SAP, even those who claim to be ‘organic’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘vegetarian’ ‘vegan’ or ‘compostable’.

SAP (super absorbent polymer) is an absorbent material which has been used for more than 20 years and a component that all nappies have in common. SAP is used to absorb liquid and remarkably it has the ability to absorb up to 150 times its weight in water. SAP ensures our nappies have up to 12 hours of leak protection so that your little one stays dry and comfortable throughout the night.

SAP is not toxic and does not irritate the skin. The SAP we use has gone undergone rigorous compliance regulation testing to ensure it is safe and effective. 

Noopii® is a solution-based innovative company and we are constantly searching for better more sustainable materials, when we find an effective and highly absorbent bio-SAP you can be sure we will use it.

 Q: What ingredients are in Noopii diapers?

Our outer cotton blend backsheet is made from 50% renewable and sustainable materials ensuring our nappies are super soft, comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic. Our nappies contain responsible forestry wood pulp, New Zealand Manuka Hydrosol and spandex elastic for the leg cuffs and the waistband. Our top sheet is a non woven plant based fabric which is made from 50% sustainable and renewable materials.

Our nappies are made from 50% renewable and sustainable materials, our packaging is made from sustainable paper, overall our products with the cardboard cartons they come in bring our overall sustainability to 85%. As technology improves we aim to make the sustainability percentage of our products even higher.

All our materials are highly regulated and undergo the strictest quality control and safety assurance testing.

Q: How do you ensure that Noopii diapers are the most sustainable disposable nappies currently available? 

Noopii® nappies and pants are 50% sustainable (a fact that we are extremely proud of achieving) meaning they are higher than the world’s leading eco nappy brands, all of which have less than 40%. It has been proven that any higher percentage in sustainability severely impacts performance, breathability, softness and comfort. We are not willing to sacrifice these important features.

As nappy specialists, we have spent several years working with materials engineers to develop and test new sustainable formulations, therefore we know that Noopii® nappies achieve one of the highest ratings in the world. The primary reason for this is that technology does not yet allow for anything greater than 50% at this point in time without significantly compromising performance, quality and comfort. While our experts in the field have identified potentially more sustainable materials, they sadly fail when it comes to performance and comfort. If there were more sustainable products or better performing eco materials, then we would be using them. We will always strive to improve our products as the technology adapts and becomes available to us.

Our current products are only the start, we have entered the market with high-performance levels in mind at an affordable price. Our focus is on superior performance, comfort, softness, breathability and premium quality.

Q: What about the inks that you use in the nappy patterns and packaging?

All our inks are certified non-toxic and food-safe, better for our world and safer for your baby.

Q: Are your products dermatologically tested?

Yes, our nappies have been tested by Dermatest, a world leading research Institute in Germany specialising in skin patch testing. Noopii® nappies have received the highest test result possible, certified with Excellence. All our products are tested to be safe for even the most sensitive delicate skin. 

Q: Do Noopii diapers contain fragrance or perfume?

No, we do not use any cosmetic ingredients in our nappies.

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