Trunki - Pedro Pirate

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Each and every Trunki is packed full of clever features, making it extra fun for little travellers as well as providing a practical travel solution for parents.


  1. Secure catches - Keep favorite possessions safe inside for the ride
  2. Comfortable saddle - Rest tired legs in queues and you'll never hear 'my feet hurt' again. Integrated wheels. Extra wide wheel base for superb cornering
  3. Horn grips - Take control, grab the horns to steer your Trunki
  4. Detachable carry/toy strap with Key - Fixed to the Trunki strap so it never gets lost
  5. Carry handles - Easy to grab for a departure gate dash
  6. Soft rubber rim - To protect little fingers when packing
  7. Internal pouch - Keep special treasures inside for easy access
  8. Teddybear seatbelts - Keep Ted safe with his very own seatbelt!
  • Top quality - Made from the same lightweight durable plastic as grown up cases
  • Full to the brim - 18 litres of space to pack favorite toys and games
  • ID label - To make sure your Trunki never gets lost